Horses and horse supplies for sale in Bloomington, IN

Cassie is a sweet mare who has been in our program for the past year. Despite being a wonderful lesson horse she does best with only a few riders and would be better suited at a permanent home with only one owner. She is a wonderful flat and jumping horse and easily sets her self in a nice frame.
Roxi is a sweet mare who has been in our lesson program for many years. She is a wonderful horse both jumping and on the flat. For stiffness reasons she is in need of a 24/7 pasture turnout situation as she gets stocked up easily with too much stall rest and our facility currently can not provide that kind of turnout. Roxi has a lot of miles left on her and is looking for her forever home.
10 yr old bay Arabian gelding. Not registered. Believed to be polish bred. Selling as green. Was broke as a 4 yr old but has sat since then. Will be going to trainer in the next week if not sold than price will increase. Has had a ton kf groundwork done. Been saddled and sat on as well. Just needs rides.
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